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TILL THE END OF THE NIGHT | Cimarron Strip | Stuart Whitman | Suzanne Pleshette | English

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Добавлено от Admin В Боевики 2018
44 Просмотры


MacGregor and Francis are left in charge of the prisoner Luther Happ, but when Happ escapes, MacGregor tracks him alone into Texas. He manages to shoot him but is wounded. He is taken to Cedar County but its sheriff, Jack Hawkes, arrests MacGregor for the murder of Happ, who happens to be Hawkes's deputy. At a hastily arranged kangaroo court, MacGregor is sentenced to be hung, and is put in a prison wagon with a female prisoner, Sarah Lou Burke. MacGregor and Burke escape at a water hole, but must make their way back to Cimarron City while chained together and pursued by Hawkes. The episode guest stars Suzanne Pleshette.
Stuart Whitman - Marshal Jim Crown
Percy Herbert - MacGregor
Randy Boone - Francis
Jill Townsend - Dulcey

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