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Film Noir Crime Movie Prison Farm(1938)

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Добавлено от Admin В Боевики 2017
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Jean Forest, a waitress at Cora Waxlay's coffee shop, agrees to marry Larry Harrison and move to Canada, unaware that he has just robbed and killed the guard of an armored payroll truck. On her way to meet Larry, Jean hitches a ride after her car runs out of gas. The driver of the car attempts to accost her, but when Larry arrives later, he threatens the driver with a gun. The driver, Sheriff Noel Haskins, arrests both of them. They are convicted and sent to Sunnygrove Prison Farm. Larry hides his stolen money in his clothing sack, realizing that prison may be his safest hiding place. Jean's constitution does not take to prison life, but she is assisted by the friendship of "Shifty" Sue. Jean and her prison mates reach the end of their endurance when they are assigned unduly long hours in the laundry. The prisoners revolt, but one of the trustees turns the steam on in the room. Shifty Sue dies as a result of this mistreatment, and Dr. Roi Conrad, the sympathetic prison doctor, advises Jean to call on a trusted friend to help her through her remaining time. In the meantime, Larry has also been overworked under his overseer, Haskins. On visiting day, Cora tells Jean about Larry's robbery and murder. Jean warns Larry that unless he turns himself in, she will reveal his secret. After Larry bribes him, Haskins follows Larry to his hiding place and demands all the money. When Larry refuses, Haskins shoots him. Before he dies, Larry confesses to the robbery and clears Jean's name, also revealing Haskins as a fraud. Roi, no longer interested in being a prison doctor, leaves the prison, taking Jean and Cora with him to a better life.
Shirley Ross as Jean Forest
Lloyd Nolan as Larry Harrison
John Howard as Dr. Roi Conrad
J. Carrol Naish as Noel Haskins
Porter Hall as Chiston R. Bradby
Esther Dale as Cora Waxley
May Boley as 'Shifty' Sue
Marjorie Main as Matron Brand
Anna Q. Nilsson as Matron Ames
John Hart as 'Texas' Jack
William Holden as Prisoner (uncredited)

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